An introduction to:

Kelly Tobey
Founder of:
Integrative Transformational Processing Facilitation

With over 20 years of facilitation experience Kelly can offer you new insights into ways to dissolve challenges so a fuller potential in your relationship life can be reached!

We are all relational beings with the exception of the rare few who are inspired to isolate.

So learning tools to enhance relationships can greatly enhance our lives. 

The relationships we have with ourselves, with partners, with friends, with family, and with workmates have both the potential to surface challenges, and to offer joyful connection.

Support is offered to all races, all genders, all sexual orientations including the strait and the LGBTQQIA communities.

Kelly is a person who is clear on his purpose. In short, that purpose has been, and continues to be, recognizing, living and integrating the awareness of the authentic loving harmony within all creation. His purpose in his group and individual sessions is to support others in fulfilling their quest for loving harmony, however that may look for each individual. This is accomplished through drawing from a vast array of methods to create custom-made experiential processes that support an unfolding that is unique to each person or group.

The results of a life devoted to acquiring the necessary ingredients to live out his purpose, has led to an often astounding ability to support others in expanding beyond their perceived issues and problems; to uncover their innate giftedness; and to move more deeply into their own fulfillment.

Kelly is dedicated to bringing balance to the whole of one's being through inspiring the honoring and integrating of one's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical systems.



Kelly is trained to offer you support in the following areas:

1. Abundance 2. Anger
3. Awareness of Gifts and Talents  4. Boundary Work
5. Break-ups 6. Childhood and Adolescence Issues
7. Co-dependency 8. Communication
9. Conflict Resolution 10. Couples (any gender mix)
11. Depression 12. Emotional Healing
13. Empowerment 14. Facilitation Training
15. Family Crisis 16. Family of Origin Issues
17. Grief, Loss, and Abandonment 18. Happiness and Well-being
19. Intimacy Issues 20. Leadership Skills
21. Life Purpose 22. Life Transitions
23. Loneliness 24. Men's Issues
25. Opening Intuition 26. Opening to Relationship
27. Parenting Teens 28. Personal Coaching
29. Relationships 30. Self-esteem
31. Sexuality 32. Shame Issues
33. Spirituality 34. Stress
35. Success Counseling 36. Trauma
37. Violations: Sexual, Physical, Emotional 38. Vocation
39. Workplace Conflicts 40. Worthiness


The support Kelly offers is extended through the utilization of a wide range of therapeutic and healing arts that he has trained in. Given the particular needs of the client or group he is working with, he may call on methods from any of the following modalities:

1. Addictions Counseling 2. Applied Archetypes
3. Career Counseling 4. Color Therapy
5. Couples Therapy 6. Direct Intuitive Guidance
7. Dreamwork 8. Emotional Release Work
9. Family Systems Work 10. Gestalt Therapy
11. Grief and Loss Counseling 12. Hypnosis
13. Inner Child Work 14. Integrative Body Psychotherapy  I.B.P.
15. Life Purpose Coaching 16. Listening Hands Energy Therapy
17. Massage Work 18. Men's Work
19. Neurolinguistic Programming  N.L.P. 20. Prosperity Coaching
21. Radiatory Healing 22. Rebirthing Breathwork
23. Reflexology 24. Regression Work
25. Sacred Psychology 26. Sacred Sexuality
27. Shadow Work 28. Sound Therapy
29. Traditional Psychology 30. Visualization Therapy
31. Voice Dialogue



I will attempt to paint a picture that will touch on some of the aspects of who I am. I am aware of the limitations of this format given the complexities of who each of us is but this will at least give you a taste.

I have had a life full of adventures. Some difficult and some filled with ease. I would not take back a minute of it! It’s been a terrific education and I have learned lots.

I've learned that things in life happen for a reason and flowing best I can with the changes while staying aware serves well. All the pieces continue to fall into place and life gets better and better.

I live by doing my best to follow some personal guidelines.... being pure of heart, compassionate and giving, while being strong in knowing and standing for what is appropriate for me. Being accountable and following through on my dedications. Staying open to receiving. Giving to others when called to, without attachment. Reciprocating acts of kindness. Bringing laughter and play into the lives of others and myself.

Living with as much integrity as I can access.

Being very grateful for what I have. Enjoying friendships. Respecting possessions without attaching to them. Doing the work I love. Finding value in every day.

Being accepting of other’s non-harming choices in life. Honoring that we are all unique, and trusting that I will be drawn towards the uniqueness that attracts me and away from the flavors of uniqueness that do not - while still respecting others right to choose freely.

Honoring my own personal flavor of sexuality without prejudice.  Being accepting of the personal non-harming sexual choices of others.

Embracing the passing of time; with age can come much wisdom when I stay awake to the inherent learnings.

Being guided by curiosity into seeking out various paths of learning. Looking to broaden my depth of understanding in my areas of interest.

Learning from my mistakes without getting lost in guilt or shame. Like everyone else I am human and I am going to make mistakes along the way. Owning those mistakes, processing the feelings, forgiving myself, apologizing to whomever was effected, making restitution, and re-dedicating to loving action in the future. 

Remembering that my guidelines are my own. Not being naïve enough to expect others to live up to my guidelines for life. Others will make their own choices about what works for them. If needing to make boundaries in order to care for myself in the face of the choices of others, doing so.

Respecting all aspects of myself - mind, body, emotions and spirit. At the same time being willing to take myself lightly and laugh at myself.

Opening to receive the fullness that each day offers. Rather than waiting for a “good day” to magically arrive, finding the goodness in each day that shows up. Knowing the tough and challenging days have value as well as the ones that are full of ease.





By Kelly Tobey

When asked the question, "What heart experience has changed your life and/or the lives of others" I attempted to think of a particular situation. My mind instead was flooded with a vast multitude of situations. It has been the willingness to learn to sort out the messages of the intuitive heart from the assortment of other messages that come from various inner and outer sources, and then the willingness to follow that heartfelt guidance over and over again, which has radically changed my life in just about every area. Embracing a practice of following heartfelt guidance every day in little decisions as well as big ones has brought me more peace; more joy; a life's vocation that totally aligns with my sense of purpose; a chance to face numerous old wounds and have them healed; and a solid sense of direction. As well, through following my heart, I gain insight into what blocks me from accessing even more heartfelt guidance, and what steps I need to take to clear those blocks. 

One of the things my heart has led me to, is having a vocation that is based in teaching others how to access their heart's guidance and how to move through any blocks to hearing that guidance.

If our job is in alignment with our life's path, we may find ourselves teaching what we want to learn about. My work gives me ample opportunity to do just that. Each person not only learns about following their heart's inner knowing, they teach me more and more about how to further develop those skills in myself. This, in turn, leads to passing on to others what they've taught me. And so the circle of wisdom continues to expand.

My life has benefited every single time I've chosen to follow my heart's guidance. That doesn't mean it's always easy. Sometimes my heart asks me to do things that stimulate fear or even terror in me. That is another thing that's so great about the heart's guidance, it isn't influenced and tainted by fear. It simply offers what is most appropriate in any given situation. If I am trying to make a decision from my smaller mind in isolation from my heart, the decision can be greatly influenced by unhealthy fears that live in the smaller mind. My heart's guidance may lead me to face the fear head on. Moving through the fear may be uncomfortable for a while, but the benefits received on the other side of the discomfort are great!

It's so wonderful to experience that heartfelt connection to a Life Force that has everyone's best interests in mind. Not only do I receive great joy from the benefits I get, but also I receive great joy from seeing the benefits those around me receive by following their heart's guidance.

    Kelly Tobey's Training Background