The purpose of StarTree Integration Adventures from it's conception has been, as the name signifies, to serve people in the integration of their star-like spiritual self with their tree-like grounded human self. In seeing that unity within the personal self it will support people in seeing how all form and spirit are united. The other intention has been to make this journey of awareness an adventure.
We have done exceedingly well at fulfilling this purpose. We have touched many, many lives in very wonderful ways. I say we, in inclusion of all the team members. The team is the backbone of StarTree Integration Adventures. Together we have supported people in receiving love and tuning into the multitude of gifts and talents that are available to come through them. And we have supported them in grounding this energy, bringing it into their practical everyday life. Team members, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in this.

The following is a list of the team members, facilitators, and caterers who have all provided tremendous support for the participants, for each other, and for me. I would like to publicly extend my appreciation to each of you.

Lenard John Adams
Richard Adamson
Karen Albert
Julie Alexander
Jannette Anderson
Sophia Andras
Judy Armstrong
Melanie Balfour
Peter Balfour
Brenda Baranec
Keith Baranec
Dwight Barre
Terri Bauer
Dixie Baum
Henry Benner
Moray Benoit
Normand Bergeron
Lynn Bertrand-McDonald
Tamara Borggard
Robert Borrie
Rheal Bosse
Robert Bouchard
Carmen Boulter
Karena Brawley-Hogg 
Joy Brockhoff
Sybil Brown 
Cheryl Brownson
Buck Bruce
Mark Brus
Kim Bull
Henri Bureaud
Jude Burr
Geraldine Byrne
Noelene Byrne
Daniel Cahill
David Calloway
Elaine Card
Fred Carpenter
Pao-Lien Carpenter
Katharine Carroll
Jeannine Chapman
Craig Cheffins 
Louise Chippeway
Elizabeth Chomik
Charles Christenson
Laila Chunara
Gerry Clarke
Michelle Clarke
Tim Clarke
David Coke
Terry Cole
Ayesha Cooper
Scheherazaad Cooper
Lorraine Coughlan-Schutt 
Buz Cougur
Jay Creasey
Val Cresswell
Luann Cross
Leanne Dalderis
Maynard Dalderis
Jana Daniels
Helen Darou
Suzanne Delaine
Bob De Champlain
Judy De Champlain
Terrence Delaney
Diana Delroy
Cindy Dextraze
Dave Dextraze
Elise Dextraze
Liam Dextraze
Pam Dextraze 
Donna Dillman
Joan Dunkley
Lois Dusyk
Rob Dyck
Geri Eakins
Reed Early
Lou-Anne Ellis
Ken Erskine
Alain Ethier
Frejya Evenstar
Thomas Fahey
Cathy Fargey
Kiara Fine
Darren Flach
Hazel Forry
Val Forshaw
Ian B. Fraser
Anessa Fredlund
Delmar Freund
Wilma Fuchs
Paul Galewitz
Alon Gelcer
Sasha Gielow
Cathy Gilhuly
Lisa Gilmour
Stephen Gilmour
Kim Goddard
Sue Goulet
Ron Grams
Tracey Grams
Jackie Greening
Sandi Grist
Shirley Harris
Sonja Hagemann
Amir Haji
Shaida Haji
Otto Haller
Brenda Hanna
Charlene Hardie
Robbin Harnish
Laura-Dawn Harreveld
Shirley Harris 
Susanne Heaton
Linda Heinrichs
Heidi Hesketh
Sarie Hobbs
Andy Hogg
Diana Howell
Susan Hurrel
Paul Isenor
Dufferin Isles
Angela Jackson
Meherab Jamal
Mobina Jamal
Saima Jamal
Hadi Jiwa
Jinny Jiwa
Amanda Johal
Gary John
Greg Johnson
Carolyn Johnston
Ellen Keith
Margaret Kelly
Hazrah Khan
Marlene Kirk
Russ Kirk
Tim Kitchen
Candise Koppel
Patty Kranabetter
Heidi Krieger
Jacinthe Labbe
Juliette LaFleur
Michel Lamontagne
Mary Langley
Jimmy Lavallee
Diane Laviolette
Grace Lea
Susan LeClair
SheLa Leonard
Helen Marie Lineham
Alan Livingston
Geoffrey-Tara Lyford
Roshanna Lyford
Marie Maccagno
Andrew MacDonald
Roy MacDonald
David MacElwain
Lane MacLean
Brian Mahoney
Rosella Mahoney
Robert Maiman 
Angela Many Bears
Carol Marshall
Dianne Matt
Mareea Maynes
Michael McDermott
Mary Lynn McDowell
Andrea McKenzie
Henri McKinnon
Sandra McLaughlin
John McMahon
Jean McWilliams
Louise Melnyk
Laurie Messner
Derrick Michaels
Erin Michie
Elisabeth Michielson
Denise Miller
Sheila Milley
Nadine Mitchell
Bruce Moeng
Christopher Moon
Su Mei Moon
Gord Moore
Wendy Moore
Dana Morkeberg
David Morris
Jerri-Lynn Morrison
Linda Morrison
Paul Moskwa
Frances Murphy
Lola Noel
Pat Noel
Pam Olin
Susan O'Shea
Mary-Ann Owens
Michael Palmer
Nick Panko
Guy Parent
Jacqueline Paul
Glenda Hilsenteger
Jean Pendulak
Shelley Petch
Kelly-Lynn Osborn
Tim Peterson
Jody Pettigrew
Annita Phagoo
Nicholas Pitt
Jasmin Poon
Dave Pratt 
Diamond Premji
Rashida Premji
Clark Prendergast
Valerie Prior
Francine Proulx 
Nancy Purdy
Yvonne Racine 
Diane Raphel
Beth Raugust 
Warren Redman
Verena Rehli
Bob Rhem
Robbin Roussin
Greg Roberts
Tink Robinson 
Garry Rondeau
Don Ryane
Saira Sabzaali
Natasha Samji
Mildred Scalplock
Thereza Schlenkrich
Andrea Schroeder 
Ray Schutt
Jon Scott
Randy Scott
Ken Sidhu
Lori Sigurdson
Mike Simard
James Sinclair
Mala Sinha
Norma Smoole
Brad Smythe 
Michael Spangler
Joy Stadnichuk
Andrew Stefaniuk
Roxanne Stern
Marion Stotts
Betty Taylor
Jim Taylor
Sohail Thaker
Mariette Thomas
Jennifer Thompson
Stuart Thomson
Patrick Tobey
Sandra Town
Rod Truax
Brock Tully
Roger Venne
Andrea Von Schoening 
Ingrid Waldhart
Phyllis Ward
Linda Weaver
Greg Webb
Jack Wells
Shirley Welton
Vince Wishart
Terri Whitaker
Jonathan Wilson
Christine Winger
Selena Wright
Jo-Anne Wuziuk
Henry Zacharias
Linda Zacharias
Wade Ziesel

I also send my appreciation out to Dale Friesen, Jacqueline Paul, Lily Flynn and Sarie Hobbs for the wonderful works of art they have created for the brochure covers and website graphics and to Quin and Jeremy Clayton at Infiniti Printing for the layout and design support for the brochures.

Randy Goertzen for his artistic and technical support with the original set up of the website!

Gratitude goes out to Shirley Welton for her typesetting work.

Thanks to Faith for her help in grounding me. And both Faith and Allegro for their lessons in unconditional love and for their help in bringing out my playfulness.

An extra big measure of thanks and love goes out to my past wife Jerri- Lynn Morrison for 18 years of love and support of myself and StarTree Integration Adventures.

Loads of Love and Blessings to all of you.

Kelly Tobey